2.16 – Game Master – Oliver

69B Cover.jpg.opt278x420o0,0s278x420Oliver walked out to the front lawn of 69B Carmichael Street.  Edgar followed quietly behind him. On reflection, maybe he shouldn’t have been so rough with his son when he killed him, but at the time it was only a fraction of the main that his son deserved. For eleven years, he had killed twelve people every year. Edgar was the last one to die that twelfth year. The Raven and the 12 must be appeased, but for what he and his wife and daughter had done, they deserved to be flayed alive.

Thankfully he would get his further revenge. But there was time for that yet. Time now to focus on other family matters.

Even given how careless humans were, Oliver would have expected someone to take away the woman’s body, but it would make a fine vessel for his daughter. Colleen had been nothing in life, but in death he had brought her true joy and she was breath taking.

Now she would fulfill a different purpose. He leaned down and caressed her face as he would soon caress his daughters. He stood and slit one of his wrists with a small knife. He waited until the black blood began to flow and then let some of it slide into Colleen’s mouth.

The grass around her erupted in flames, making the shape of a great raven around her with Colleen’s body, his son and himself in the centre. Colleen’s body began to move and shudder and Oliver knew he didn’t have long to wait.

The fire surrounding them grew in intensity and Colleen’s body began to change. Slowly her black hair faded and was replaced with blond locks that fell in curls all around her face.

When Lenore opened her eyes, a startling blue, she screamed and clawed at the ground all around her. She screamed a primal sound, filled with terror and horror at what had been done to her.

The scream was cut short as she tried to drag air into her lungs. She looked up at Oliver and began to cry, the tears falling from her face and made of blood. The left red streak marks on her pale skin.

“Oh father.” She whispered. “What have you done?”



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