What is 69B?

sideways69B is, first and foremost,  a serial novel.

The chapters have minimal editing and go up as soon as they are written

It’s also an experiment in storytelling and blogging.

Want to visit 69B and become a player in the game? Everyone wants to be in a horror movie right? All you have to do is send an email to jamiesonwolf at gmail dot com with the following information:

Name as you want it written: If you want your real name used, that’s okay. However, I’ve always liked picking out names for my characters, so now it’s your turn.

Type: Are you a jock, hippie dude, cheer leader, librarian, writer, software guy? Try to think of people in horror movies, which is unfortuantely limiting characterwise.

How you want to die: Because, I can’t keep everyone. I’ve only killed off three characters of my own thus far, and the book needs more blood.

So read the first part of 69B. You don’t have to wait until I’m done blogging the whole novel to submit a character sketch. See what you think. And decide who you want to be from outside the apartment building.

It’s the horror movie on paper where the reader gets involved. Let their be blood…

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